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How ICM Hub's Chat Works

  1. Decide where and when your assistant will appear to customers.
  2. When they interact, conversations will map directly to your support processes and scripts (we’ll train it together).
  3. Customers are guided to a satisfactory result, and the entire interaction is tracked and confirmed.
  4. If the bot can’t handle a request, the interaction is automatically handed off to a live agent.

Platform Features

Here's some of the features included in our platform.

Powerful Dashboard

Our powerful dashboard provides clients with real-time access data and key metrics.

  • Customer chats
  • Interaction analysis
  • Resolutions and feedback
Natural Experience

ICM Hub provides a fully-featured chat solution that delivers a natural experience for users.

  • Organic, fluid conversations
  • Contextually aware
  • Rich chat extensions
Machine Learning

ICM Hub uses state-of-the art machine learning models trained with carefully curated data sets.

  • Proprietary dataset
  • Built in intent support
  • Entity extraction

At ICM Hub we believe our implementations come to life with integrations.

  • API plugin system
  • UI widget framework
  • Custom integrations
Proactive Controls

Our invocation hook technology enables a bot to proactively engage.

  • Rule based triggers
  • Event based triggers
  • External link triggers
Multi Channel

Ensure users can always contact you wherever with multiple channel support.

  • Website widget
  • Mobile integration
  • Messaging platforms

Our Team

A few words about how great our team is.



Entrepreneur with a combined five years in tech startups. Cofounder at ICM Hub. Previously worked at EY, SAP and BMW.


Data Science

Six years of tech startup experience. Background in Data Science and Finance. M.A. in Quantitative Methods - Columbia University



Experienced software architect with a track record in developing & implementing NLP solutions. Formerly IBM Watson



Talented software developer with a track record in developing & implementing software solutions. Previously IBM.


Finance Director

Commercial Banker with over 10 years experience. Stanford alumn. Previously ING.


Sales Engineer

Engineering background and has over 10 years work experience Previously Amazon.



Experienced customer service specialist and translator. Speaks 5 languages. From Spain.


Data Analyst/Linguist

Besides NLP/ML he speaks 5 languages. From Ibiza.

This could be you

We are always on the look out for talented and enthusiastic people, get in touch if you'd like to learn more.

About Us

Empower customers on the fly with our Airlines chatbot!

ICM Hub specializes in conversational intelligence, providing customers with fast and accurate data by interpreting their needs through airlines centric Artificial Intelligence (AI), natural language processing and machine learning.

Specialized for the airline industry

Our AI solution caters to airlines, who have trouble keeping up with increasing & frequent customer enquiries by providing timely, automated, first-class and AI-powered customer interaction, so that the service personnel can instead focus on the difficult and more pressing customer conversations.

Headquartered in New York

Accelerated by Techstars