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ICM Hub was founded with the idea of reshaping the how customers and airlines interact with each other.

ICM Hub provides an artificially intelligent (AI) solution to help airlines & airports, who have trouble keeping up with increasing, frequent customer inquiries. ICM Hub provides automated, first-class and AI-powered customer interaction, that helps airlines reduce contact center costs as well as boost ancillary revenues.

The artificial intelligent solutions created by ICM Hub, provides customer support and delivers an overall better customer experience, customizes on a one-to-one customer


ICM Hub has a team of talented and international experience people working with the goal of transforming and reshaping the Airlines and Travel and Tourism conversational AI industry.



Loves Business development and is a 2nd time founder. Entrepreneur with a combined 10 years in tech startups. Cofounder at ICM Hub. Previously worked at EY, SAP and BMW. All-Star mentor at Techstars.


Data Science

Learned her data science skills at Columbia University. Six years of tech startup experience. Background in Data Science and Finance. M.A. in Quantitative Methods - Columbia University.


Cognitive full-stack engineer

Experienced full-stack engineer with a track record in developing cognitive solutions. Master in Computer Software Engineering.


Cognitive Solution Architect

Experienced software architect with a track record in developing NLP solutions. PhD in Computer Science.



Talented software developer with a track record in developing & implementing software solutions. Previously IBM.


Finance Director

Commercial Banker with over 10 years experience. Stanford alumn. Previously at ING.


Sales Engineer

Engineering background and has over 10 years work experience Previously Amazon.



Experienced customer service specialist and translator. Speaks 5 languages. From Spain.


Data Analyst/Linguist

Besides NLP/ML he speaks 5 languages. From Ibiza.

This could be you

We are always on the look out for talented and enthusiastic people, get in touch if you'd like to learn more.


Rob Johnson

Former Techstars MD Berlin

Anton Lill

Former CEO airberlin topbonus Ltd.


Former CTO ICM Hub

Angel Investors

Andreas Mihalovits

Angel Investor. Co-Founder Global Super Angels Club. EBAN Best European Early Stage Investor Award Winner.

Norman Rohr

Seasoned Executive. B2B Growth Marketer and Revenue Strategist. Business Angel.

Matt Pauker

Company builder, advisor, investor.

Franklin Speyer

Vice Chairman, Cushman & Wakefield.


Techstars is one of the most famous American accelerator. The company had accepted over 1,600 companies into its programs with a combined market capitalization of $18.2bn.

Parallel 18 is an accelerator based in Puerto Rico welcoming companies from all around the world. As of today, Parallel 18 helped growing companies from more than 48 countries.


ICM Hub partnered with the Thales Group and is bringing conversational AI for the first time ever (hosted locally) on aircrafts to enable contactless travel in the air.

Amadeus is one of the biggest IT travel and tourism company in the world. Amadeus provides search, pricing, booking, ticketing and other processing services in real-time to travel providers and travel agencies.

For our customer engagement we are partnering with Storyly to offer a lightweight SDK that brings stories to your app or website.

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