In-flight solution

ICM Hub's in-flight conversational AI will accompany the passenger from takeoff to landing with two-way communications via their own PED device.

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Elevated & contactless in-flight user experience

In-flight customer interaction comes with inefficiencies caused by limited capacity of cabin staff, cumbersome UI of seatback screens and a one-way communication with the 'call attendee button'. Now in the times of COVID-19 airlines are rushing to redefine onboard safety protocols and look for contactless onboard solutions.

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Extensive capabilities from takeoff to landing

Capabilities will include immediate assistance at a quicker rate than any other digital assistant available on the market. Passengers will receive instant answers to questions such as, "Can I view a map?" "When do we land?" "Can I have a meal?" "When will we take off?" "Can I have a blanket?"

Superior passenger support

The digital service via chat is seamlessly integrating into in-seat displays and be accessible through voice or text command capabilities providing interactivity in a traditionally passive cabin environment. By automating routine tasks and improving IFE efficiency, ICM Hub's digital travel assistant will enable airlines to elevate their brands by using direct feedback from passenger questions to make improvements to their service and offerings. This will enhance the passenger experience, creating lasting impact that reaches far beyond the cabin environment.


The only locally hosted bot solution in the market that provides the largest AI model database for the airline industry.

Key in-flight topics:

  • Movie selection & recommendation
  • Food and drink orders
  • Loyalty program registration
  • Flight, Connection & Airport info
  • Duty free shopping
  • Destination guidance
  • In-flight services e.g. headphones/pillow

Key Features:

  • Hosted locally on the aircraft
  • Runs on the cabin server e.g. DSU-D5 (Intel Xeon, 32GB RAM, Linux CGX 2.2)
  • Provided via a Docker container
  • Communicates over the cabin’s local network using our custom communication protocol
  • Connects to crew terminal, Flight’s messaging system, external APIs
  • Communicates over the cabin’s local network using our custom communication protocol
  • Allows passengers to connect their devices e.g. Mobile phones, tables, laptop
  • Collects data through chat and interaction
  • Runs automatic analytics on unstructured data


  • Airlines: Monetize on unexplored in-flight revenue opportunities
  • Cabin Crew: More effective by receiving more detailed passenger requests
  • Passengers: Elevated & contactless in-flight user experience

Transform the way to interact with your customers through Conversational AI.

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