Pre-/Post-flight Solution

ICM Hub provides an automated, first-class and AI-powered customer interaction.

With the increase of customer requests and interactions across different channels, airlines are continuously trying to improve customized one-to-one communication to satisfy all customer needs and to provide a perfect customer experience before, during and after the flight.

Here is when ICM Hub comes into play and provides an AI solution to help Airlines succeed on customer service and to provide the best experience possible.

The solutions of ICM Hub, with a pure focus on Airlines, a cutting-edge product that utilizes machine learning and automation which continuously learns from customer interactions to provide a superior communication.

Customers have different needs, different channel touch points, different timing and different languages.

Input to the chatbot

Travel agent can benefit from AI and focus on more complex issues only when chatbot cannot directly answer a customer.


Output to the customer


Through machine learning and automation, the chatbot will provide a customized answer to the customer need.

Input to the travel agent

The interaction data are sent to a dashboard to provide customer insights to Airlines.


If an answer is not provided, the chatbot will connect the customer with a travel agent. Nevertheless, the chatbot will learn from a not answered request and will automatically answer to a new similar interaction.

Data transfer


Being able to customize a one-to-one communication and providing an excellent customer experience is the benefit of having conversational AI. Nevertheless, the solutions of ICM Hub, through machine learning and automation, allow Airlines to drastically reduce customer service cost, increase ancillary revenue, and let the travel agent focus on more complex issues.

Solution Benefits


  • Reduce Customer Service Cost
  • Increased Ancillary Revenue
  • Increased Return on Investment
Solution Benefits

Travel Agent

  • Relieved by fewer inquiries
  • Focused on complex issues
  • Less repetitive workflow
Solution Benefits


  • 1:1 Communications
  • Better customer experience
  • Instant response


Airlines and Travel companies have to handle customer requests coming from different channels, different platform and in different booking funnel stage.
ICM Hub developed artificially intelligent solutions which can be implemented on different customer interactions touch points and during different phase of the conversion funnel to optimize the customer experience, based on different channels and platform.

Desktop and tablet
In-App Chat
Facebook Messenger


Due to the complex environment where Airlines and travel industry operate in, the artificial intelligence powered by ICM Hub is based on machine learning and automation to solve even the more complex requests over time.

Transform the way to interact with your customers through Conversational AI.

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